We are proud to announce that our mint asset token MAT is live for Presale from now at price 0.12$ / MAT for next 7 days

Sub-Total : $523.30
Eco Tax (-2.00) : $4.52
VAT (20%) : $104.66
Total : $632.48

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MintAsset Token(BEP20 Token)

Total Supply 600 Million
1. 30 Million -- For sale in ICO
2. 150 Million for network
3. 120 Million for Development
4. 120 Million for Marketing & PR
5. 120 Million for Unique asset holders / NFT marketplace
6. 60 Million for market making & exchanges

Why “MintAsset” in BSC network?

BSC network is a fast & reliable network with a lower transaction fees that reach as low as 1 cent. It has high performance with a network capable of producing a block every 3 seconds.

MintAsset ICO

MintAsset will be launched on 10May 2021 and will run an ICO for 15 days with the 5% of the total Supply at price 0.1$.
Once ICO is ended a very unique staking and bidding system will be launched for our enthusiastic customers to earn more profits from the system. The staking and bidding Concept in the Mint Asset Platform will enable customers to earn daily profits from the NFT system and earn good amount of profit from the referral bidding system.